Open Studios Unusual Drawing Utensil Challenge!

For those of you who fancy a wee bash at some art over the open studios north fife weekend, I am asking you to bring along an unusual utensil to draw with, something you wouldn’t normally think about drawing with, for example a potato masher or your dogs favourite stick! There will be some paper and basic materials to make your utensil marks on and also some objects to speed draw/sketch. Please leave your mark making papers, but you can take your utensil and utensil sketches away as long as I get some pictures of them!


I am also going to set up a big piece of art work that anyone who comes can contribute to over the weekend so a wonderful communal piece can be created out of the inspiration of you lovely people coming.


Don’t worry if you don’t want to do anything, you don’t have to! Don’t worry if you haven’t drawn before, art is for everyone, just come and make some marks!


*Please note art can be messy and I can supply very limited protective gear, so clothes, hands etc could get messy & you need to be accepting of that, you can bring your own too! This challenge isn’t a workshop, just a wee opportunity to have a quick bash at something in a very relaxed and independent way!*


Hope to see you and your utensil!