Exhibiting at Dunkeld Art Exhibition

Hi there, I am currently exhibiting at the very popular Dunkeld Art Exhibition. It runs from 22 June - 31 August for 10 weeks every summer to raise money for the upkeep of Dunkeld Cathedral. Artists from all over the UK show paintings, prints and sculptures and the exhibition attracts some 10,000 visitors each year. The exhibition takes over the 19th century Gothic Parish Hall, the Duchess Anne, which provides an attractive venue for some 400 works of art at any one time. Dunkeld is a well-known visitor centre and stopping-off point and the grouse and salmon seasons add to the number of interested art lovers. The Duchess Anne is situated in the Cross at the centre of Dunkeld. For more information  http://dunkeldartexhibition.com     https://www.facebook.com/dunkeldartexhibition